Heather Oliver


Who I am:

I am an HR corporate strategist with over 20 years experience growing companies through human capital strategies. I have worked for companies in various stages of development: I’ve laid the cultural foundation for start-ups and have led organizations through cultural alignment after mergers and acquisitions. I have worked across many industries as an HR executive, which include technology, finance, advertising, construction, and manufacturing, and have partnered with global offices in London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

Why I do what I do:

My passion for organizational culture and engagement started when I developed a “candidate experience” before it was called that or even seen as a business strategy.  As my career grew, it became about the bigger picture: the employee experience, manager development, and how to effectively link a company’s success to an individual’s success by driving personal and professional fulfillment.

A strong influence to my approach comes from years abroad and travels to places with amazingly distinct cultures and beliefs, such as Russia, Africa, Egypt, to name a few. I learned early on that no matter where we are most people want the same things out of life.  The need to belong, to add value, and to have a purpose.  Our journey, the “how we get there”, is what makes us different. I have applied these experiences and findings to my work with great returns.

One of my most powerful initiatives was implementing a “no titles” culture into an organization. That’s right, no titles! We believed that the focus should be roles and responsibilities, not your level in the company, such as “junior managing associate director.” This was no easy task, but once implemented, it contributed positively to many areas: 1) more substantial career conversations, 2) stronger culture identity, 3) a significant competitive point of differentiation, and 4) easier hiring of top candidates who were inspired by this thinking. The company is still innovative, profitable and continues to be a pioneer in their space.

How I balance everything:

I set goals, I take each day as it comes, I know I can do better or do it differently tomorrow.  I bring everything I have to my work and family.

To enhance people’s work life and increase business performance
by cultivating culture and making it an everyday priority.


Deliver Change with Compassion
Create Aha! Moments for Everyone
Push the Envelope Towards Progress
Never Stop Questioning and Solving