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Some research says it costs almost $60,000 to replace one position, not including training.

What we offer

Hiring poorly doesn’t just create basic financial losses, it creates a ripple effect that causes mistakes, distractions and missed business opportunities throughout an organization. All of which can have huge financial implications. Culture Strategies re-engineers an organization’s approach to attracting, hiring, and onboarding so you don’t settle for less than excellence or lose your best people.


For you

  • Employer Brand Strategy - Collaborate on organizational identity and social media strategies to attract quality talent positioning an organization as an “employer of choice”.

  • Recruitment Program and Training - Interview training for hiring managers to drive better hiring decisions, and review/refinement of job descriptions and recruiting techniques to ensure you attract the right candidate for your needs.

  • Onboarding - Guide the design and implementation of an employee onboarding program to increase retention and strengthen sustainability.

  • Total Rewards Review - High level compensation and benefits review with recommendations to build a stronger competitive package.


Our results

  • Centralized talent acquisition creating consistency in candidate experience, reduced administrative processes by 60%, and laid the foundation for future retention metrics.

  • Modified new hire process by implementing HRIS system increasing efficiency, reducing manual errors, and administrative hours by 23-35%.

  • Designed extensive on-boarding program contributing to a 35% turnover reduction.