Differentiate Through Extraordinary Leadership

45% of leaders are engaged at work, and only 29% of managers are.
— According to Gallup

What we offer

Strong culture starts with leadership and management. Culture Strategies focuses on developing core managerial competencies of effective coaching and building trust in order to create environments with opportunities for long term growth. This leads to higher employee retention, lower turnover costs, and increase of accepted offers by top candidates.


For you

  • Corporate Level Adviser - Design a personalized approach understanding current challenges to become a more emotionally-intelligent leader.

  • Mentoring - Guide individuals to identify, align, and attain career aspirations.

  • HR Coaching and Team Development - Work closely with HR teams to develop and align department purpose, people programs and best practices to company purpose and strategies.


Our results

  • Improved communication protocols and collaboration amongst division leadership creating cross functional partnerships which streamlined decision-making and processes and built an environment of teamwork and trust.

  • Created company-wide management training, which improved the consistency in the organization’s management approach. This further help link the company’s culture to its desired business goals, and lead to a vastly improved customer experience.

  • Built HR center of excellence from one employee to global team of 13, driving unified, values-based culture and brand creating a strong employee experience and hiring top talent around the world.